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Mousepatcher 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does Mousepatcher 2.0 not install? Gives me an error about .Net!
A: You require .Net Framework 4.0 to use Mousepatcher. You can get it from here: .NET Framework 4.0 (Web Installer)

Q: I've got a whole list of images I want to patch, do I have to keep closing and reopening the program from Start Menu?
A: Nope! Click the 'Restart Form' button to clear the form and reopen it within milliseconds.

Q: Mousepatcher downloads files? I want to remove these files from my PC!
A: Don't worry, these files are 4 kilobytes per image patch. But to remove them all, click the 'Clear Temp Data' button on the form.*

Q: You missed out a part about a feature, how can I get in touch to get some answers?
A: My contact information is listed under 'People > Insomnica'. Alternatively use the project's Discussion tab to talk to me.

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